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This October, Hal-Con will be hosting an art basket charity auction at their convention and I've been asked to participate by submitting some of my autographed comics to the event. Aside from being given this awesome opportunity, this is super exciting for me because 100% of the auction proceeds go to the Penny Arcade charity Child's Play, which in turn fulfills the wishlist of the city's IWK Children's Hospital.

I wanted to make something new and special for my submission, and after some thought finally decided to do a re-make what is probably my most memorable comic:

Depending on how the older comics are printed, I may or may not re-make a few others as well and submit those exclusively with my package (I realize now that I need to be saving my original frames...because I don't 9~9) along with some added secret panels like the one in today's strip. Either way, I am extremely grateful for this awesome opportunity, thank you so much :D\
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