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Front page of Livejournal whaaat?

Haha what, how did they even allow that one? That's really cool, though, thank you Livejournal! Although, this isn't the [First time] I've been featured on Livejournal (Damnit, it looks like all of the comments there were deleted, what a shame)

For those of you who are new here, my name is Chris and I run a dumb comic website called [LOL_Comics], which I've been doing for almost 8 years (holy crap) . That is where you'll find the magic. I'm also the artist behind the original Nyan Cat image, if you think my icon looks familiar.

I will say that I am currently taking a hiatus from new cartoons. My new job is busy and I honestly have nothing to draw about lately. The people who send me hate mail for not updating once a week don't seem to understand this, though.

I'm also more active on Twitter than I am here:!/prguitarman

Or Tumblr:

But yeah, I don't really know how to end this, but I'll just say thank you again, and COOL TIMES!

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