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LOL_Comic Icons and Links - Spread the Love!

Thank you for stopping by lol_comics! These comics portray overly exagerrated parts of my life, and as crazy and racist as they may be, are usually true. Updates are random, but if you'd like to be notified of them you can follow the Twitter and Website links below.

New icon on 12-09

[NEW! Icon Archive Page!]
It's all organized WOW!

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Donation top 10 High Score List Update on April 14, 2011! Thank you, Ken Van Hoeylandt!!

New! Updates Via Twatter~

And you can always keep track of LOL_Comics on the new website, PRGUITARMAN.COM


October 1 2005, 15:42:44 UTC 8 years ago

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Ooh, I love the randomness.
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